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Our collective is dedicated to supporting, mentoring, and increasing Black people in nonprofit leadership roles so that together we can identify the most relevant issues facing our communities, leap over the hurdles blocking organizations from providing comprehensive solutions, and create a more equitable world.

But we can’t do it alone and our communities can no longer wait. If recent world events have proven anything, it’s that there is a deep crisis facing our Black communities. Systemic inequities have gone on for far too long. But when you support AANL and help us address financial hurdles then our members will have the funding needed to achieve their individual missions, and the group impact we can make in Black communities can be deep and enduring.

We can help families can achieve homeownership and begin establishing a pattern of generational wealth. We can teach children to believe in themselves and how to capitalize on opportunities to achieving a brighter future. We can transform neighborhoods and nourish the spirit of the people within them so that they know that their tomorrows will be even brighter than their today.

We can do so much good. And it begins with your support.

Black-led Nonprofits Receive

24%    Less Revenue

76%    Less Access to Unrestricted Net Assets

Nonprofit Executive Directors

87%    White

6%       Black

Acquired Startup Funds

$154,000    White

$81,000       Black